Rave Customer Data

Last updated: 1 April 2023

Data Use Cases

Below are the use cases for the data that is collected above

Rave Profile Creation

The Rave will automatically create a profile with data from Shopify, for every customer who has a referral link able to share. This is done for a number of reasons:

  • Enabling a seamless user experience for the referred friend/shopper so they can see that [customer name] has shared a deal with them when they are referred to the merchant site.
  • Rave account creation. The Rave will auto-populate First Name, Last Name, Phone Number when a customer goes on to create a full account with The Rave.

Redemption Retrieval & Notification

Once a customer successfully shares a referral link to a friend, and that friend subsequently goes on to purchase with the merchant, The Rave uses the email & phone number of the original customer support a number of activities:

  • Notify the original customer that their referral was successful;
  • Allow any customer to create a Rave account, and claim any existing Rave rewards attached to their phone and/or email.

Referral Creation & Reward Calculation

The Rave will use data related to a customer’s order & refunds in order to calculate:

  • If the customer can earn rewards from their shopping experience;
  • If the subsequent friend/shopper to be referred can earn a discount with the merchant; and thus:
  • The referral link content creation, which will include:
  • Product imagery
  • Product price
  • Product name

Merchant Fees

The Rave will determine fees for the merchant in accordance with the Merchant Terms of Use. In order do this, The Rave requires the Order Subtotal Price and and Refund amounts.