FAQ For Merchants

How do I track my rewards and referrals?

You can track your rewards and referrals on your Rave Page dashboard. This dashboard will show you how many rewards you have earned, which purchases earned those rewards, and how many friends have used your Rave link to make a purchase.

How is The Rave billed?

When a Rave user makes a successful referral that generates sales for your store, we charge a success fee on the total amount spent. Additionally, if a customer creates a gift card to spend at your store using rewards earned, we'll charge a fee on that transaction as well.It's important to note that any rewards owing to Ravers will be included in your monthly billing statement. We process payments via the Shopify billing process on a regular basis, so please make sure your payment information is up to date to avoid any issues. As always, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

What does The Rave do to prevent referral fraud?

At The Rave, we are committed to providing high-quality, attributable referrals to our partner merchants. To prevent referral fraud, we use various measures such as fraud detection algorithms, manual review of suspicious referrals, and restrictions on the number of referrals per user. Additionally, we continuously monitor our platform for any signs of fraudulent activity and take swift action to prevent it. Our goal is to ensure that our partner merchants receive legitimate referrals and can grow their businesses through The Rave with confidence.

Key Terms For Rave Merchants

1. Ravers - These are your customers who refer their friends to your store through The Rave platform. When their friends make a purchase using the referral link, the ravers earn rewards in the form of cashback and discounts.

2. Give and Get Amounts - Give amount refers to the exclusive discount or offer that the referred friend receives on their first purchase. Get amount refers to the reward earned by the raver when their friend makes a purchase using their referral link.

3. Payouts - These are the cash rewards earned by ravers. Payouts can be claimed by ravers through their Rave account, and are processed on a monthly basis. Payouts can be paid out as cash via PayPal or as store credit.

4. Reporting and Analytics - The Rave provides detailed reporting and analytics on the performance of your promotions. You can track the number of referrals, sales, and rewards earned through your Rave promotions.

5. Campaign Customization - Rave campaigns are fully customizable. You can easily set the give and get amounts, customize the look and feel of your promotions, and set gamification options.

6. Fee Structure - The Rave charges a percentage fee on the purchases made by referred customers.

7. Returns and Refunds - If a customer returns a purchase made through The Rave, any rewards earned from that purchase will be voided. However, if the returns period ends and the purchase is not returned, the rewards will be paid out to the raver. You can choose to make payouts instant if returns aren't an issue for you.